Kintaro "The Golden Boy" Oe is the 25-year-old protagonist of the anime and manga Golden Boy.


He spends his time studying the way of life by travelling with his bike through Japan, getting part-time jobs wherever and whenever he can.

Although he dropped out of Tokyo University Department of Law, he mastered the entire curriculum. This fact, combined with his knowledge of the human behavior and psyche, lets one assume that he is indeed quite intelligent.

Whilst on his travels, Kintaro is always seen with his bike Cresent Moon and his notebook, in which he takes extensive notes on his learning, travels, and interactions with women. With a strong toilet fetish, he usually finds himself enjoying the warmth left on the seat by women, only to be caught red-handed. Without a single dull moment in his travels, Kintaro continues to look for new knowledge and may even save Japan or the world.

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